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#22 Why You Need To Celebrate Yourself

December 29, 20222 min read

It's time for you to celebrate your damn self for all of the amazing things that you are and do, not just as we close out 2022, but everyday! In this episode, Jade's getting into why it's so important to celebrate yourself and shares some of the myriad of benefits for making this a part of your life.

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Summary of episode 22.

If you've ever achieved a milestone and wondered why the high doesn't last, or find yourself immediately focusing on the next task, this post is for you. Here in the personal development and coaching industry, we believe the simple act of celebrating can do wonders for your productivity and overall wellbeing.

Celebration matters. Here's why:

✅Creates positive associations: When we consistently treat ourselves after accomplishing goals, we're training our brain to associate joy with achievement. It enhances motivation and desire to continue performing well.

✅Aids with Memorization: Physical celebrations or rewards create 'emotions' around the memory of achievement. It burns that victorious moment deeper in your mind, making it more memorable.

✅Boosts morale: Regularly celebrating small wins will make you happier and more satisfied with your work. It's all about the 'feel good' factor that keeps you going every day.

This practice of celebration can be as simple as:

🔹Pouring yourself a favorite drink

🔹Dancing to your favorite tune

🔹Enjoying a few moments of relaxation with a favorite TV show or book

It doesn't have to cost much or anything at all. It's the feeling of accomplishment that we are looking to reward. The idea is to consciously acknowledge your achievements by creating a physical celebration 'ritual'.

Remember, success is not just about achieving goals but also about enjoying the journey. So, don't forget to celebrate yourself. This way, you become a mine of motivation - which is crucial in the marathon of life. 🎉


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Jade Stoner

Jade Stoner is a Spiritual Life Coach, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur. Her mission is to empower you to break cycles keeping you stuck so that you can live the full life your soul is calling you to - the one of passion, freedom and fulfillment. Get complimentary access to her binaural affirmation audio, Activate, now. www.iamjadestoner.com/activate

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Jade Stoner is a Spiritual Life Coach, Entrepreneur and host of the Soul Growth Podcast. For over 10 years, Jade has been obsessed with personal and spiritual growth and combined with her lived wisdom, and training as a master coach, Jade has created a global, trauma informed brand that empowers women and men to create inner success and live the life their soul is calling them to. She believes that we are all made for more.

Jade has featured on multiple podcasts sharing her message, and her work has been published in Medium, Elephant Journal and Thrive Global. When she’s not in work mode, Jade spends her time enjoying the simple things that make her happy. She lives in the UK with her son, Jayden. 

I love this podcast, it's so informative and relatable. Jade has really helped me to understand certain things that I have been experiencing while giving a range of practical solutions & personal recommendations. Her voice is so soothing, I could listen all day!


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