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I’m Jade.

Spiritual Life Coach, host of the Soul Growth Podcast and Entrepreneur and I’m here to empower you to create the life your soul is calling you to.

I’m a baby face with an old soul and I’ve got a whole lotta Universe in me too! I’ve been obsessed with personal and spiritual growth since 2010. Being a “bookworm” as a kid, and being naturally curious have both served me well during these years, only now I get to choose what I read and learn about!

Through my work, it is my intention to help you break the unhelpful cycles, beliefs, thoughts and perspectives that are keeping you stuck, heal and create inner success because inner success is the piece - and the peace! that is missing from your life right now. When you get your inner game on point, that's when you can live the full life that your soul is calling you to (and the one that's meant for you to!)

So, what’s the inspiration behind my brand?

Well, this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you all about how...wait, no…Cut!

That’s the Fresh Prince!!

I got lost for a minute there because our stories start pretty much the same!

Take 2...

When I was in my mid 20’s, I hit my rock bottom. My relationship ended, I became a single parent and almost homeless, then as though the Universe hadn’t already made me uncomfortable enough, I was made redundant!! All in less than a year.


I felt depressed and broken mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally and all I wanted was to feel better. 

I thought that my answers were in doing more, working harder and having more to replace all that I’d ‘lost’...then I’d be happy. Then my life would come together.

But no matter how much positive thinking I applied, how many times I watched ‘The Secret,’ how many ‘self help’ books I read, how many strategies or different career directions I tried and all.of.the.other.things, nothing filled the void inside of me. 

Although I was smiling on the outside and I looked like I had it all together, deep inside I felt lost, stuck in a really shit cycle, unfulfilled and desperately seeking answers. 

After years of going through the motions, never being truly happy, not having all that I desired and living with an ever growing whisper telling me that there’s more for me, my breakthrough came through a series of divinely timed events. I finally got that the only way to achieve the life, happiness, inner fulfillment, abundance and success my soul was yearning for - and for it to last - was to work on my inner game and heal.

It wasn’t until I started to heal and shift my inner game - my beliefs, the way I thought, my past and the trauma in it, my relationship with myself and all of the other things, that I began to see the desired results show up in my life - in my outer game. I had to elevate.


Accredited Master Coach

Certified EFT Practitioner

Trauma Informed Certified

Which brings me to you 

The reason that I do my work today is because I’m on a mission to help you elevate - to create a life you love inside AND out.

Not one that just looks good for the Gram, but one that actually feels amazing on the inside too. I’m talking inner peace, self love, fulfillment.

All the things that money can’t buy.

You’ve probably been trying to do this already, but like most people you’ve probably been going about it in the wrong way, just as I did once upon a time. And we both know how that story goes.

Frustration, stress, burnout, self sabotage, perpetuating unhealthy patterns and basically being unhappy. And round and around you go.

I’m here to share with you that it doesn't’ have to be that way. And a part of you already knows this to be true. It’s why you’re here reading this now.

Because it’s time for you to elevate your life - from the inside out.

You’re worthy of so much more beautiful soul

“If where you are in your life right now isn’t where you want to be, then it’s time for you to elevate”

Creating your life from the inside out is the missing ‘secret’ you’ve been looking for. It’s not in anything outside of you...Say what now?! Yep.

You read that right!

It’s all inside of you and when you start transforming your inner game, that’s when things outside of you begin to shift. 

Working on your inner game - your subconscious mind, your energy, thoughts, beliefs, fears, etc - is how you change the MF game of your life.

I know that when you get your mind and soul in alignment, you’ll start living a life that turns you on, one where you get to experience having it all - the happiness, success, love, inner fulfillment, money, health, freedom, impact - all of it and more that your soul is yearning for.

And the ripple effects of that are amazing.

Now, I get that you may not have hit your rock bottom, but at some point, I’ll bet you’ve probably found yourself feeling like there has to be more to your life.

A niggle inside that you just can’t seem to shake.

That’s not an accident.

It’s your soul whispering to you, reminding you that you’re worthy of more.

It doesn’t matter what level of your life you’re at right now, whether you’re an employee with a side hustle, a celebrity at the top of your game, an entrepreneur doing your thing, an executive climbing the corporate ladder, a stay at home mum, or an influencer with millions of followers...You get to elevate and to have it all, inside and out.

And I’m here to help you make it all your reality.

My belief Is that it's all soul growth




If you’ve read this far - thank you! And thank you so much for passing by today. I know how valuable your time is, especially these days, so it’s an honour to have you here. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship together. 

You can connect with me on the Gram and you can also be a part of my email family and get all of the latest.


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My Son Jayden

The mantra that I have tattooed on my arms "walk by faith, not by sight" has been my North Star through a lot

I'm a proud mum to Jayden, I love chilling with a glass of prosecco - sometimes, ok most times, the entire bottle! Long walks in nature keep me grounded and feeling like 'me'. I love beautiful things, interiors and property and my vision board (and social feeds) are full of beautiful places that I want to travel to and explore.

I love 90's RnB slow jams and cooking is one of my first loves.

I burn palo santo and incense on the regs, I love the moon, crystals and deep convos about the universe and I occasionally pull Angel Cards!


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